Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers.

What sets Sunbelt Transport LLC apart from them?

Sunbelt is a unique operation that truly cares about its employees. We hire nothing but Individual Company drivers, no teams, no Owner Operators; we don’t want you having to share your freight with anyone else. We work with the driver very closely through a Supervisor based program. All of your needs, wants, and concerns are voiced to your Supervisor so that there is no confusion in making things happen for you. We have year round freight with the top companies in the industry hauling all types of building supplies from gypsum board to lumber. 80% of our freight is preloaded and just waiting for you to secure it and go. If you are running regional, you will be home most weekends. If you are running OTR, over the road, then you will be home every other weekend. If you choose to stay out longer, we can make that happen too. It’s that simple, no tricks, and no gimmicks. Sunbelt is here to service the customer with the highest level of customer service. We can only do this by having the highest level of professional drivers. We make this happen by listening and working carefully with you.

Who do we hire?

If you are a professional driver with a clean MVR, clean background check, can pass a hair follicle drug test to join our family. If you don’t have the FLATBED experience, don’t give up….read the next section.

Do I need to have previous flatbed experience to hire on as a Sunbelt Transport driver?

No, you do not. We have an exciting opportunity for you to train with one of our experienced Trainers. Training periods run from 1 week to 6 weeks depending on your tractor trailer experience. Another great feature is that this is paid training, $100 for each day that you train with a trainer (maximum $500 per week). To qualify for our Flatbed Training Program you must have 6 months of tractor trailer experience, a clean MVR, a clean background check, pass a hair follicle drug screen, and an open mind to learn our procedures. Our Trainers will take you through our securement procedures for all of the materials that we haul. You will run with them for whatever amount of training time is quoted to you when you sign on. During your training time, you are not guaranteed home for the weekends. Please be sure to plan adequately. Once the required training is finished, the Trainer will sign off on your progress and you will be seated, in your own truck, at one of our terminals.

Is there a sign-on bonus?

Yes there is! Sunbelt is proud to announce that we do offer a sign on bonus of $2000 to all NEW drivers who have 1 year of verifiable flatbed experience within the last 5 years. The schedule is as follows: 30 days $250, 90 days $250, 6 months $500, 9 months $500, 1 year $500. Sorry, at this time, we do not offer this to rehires or trainees.


After 90 days you are eligible for Health, Dental, and Eye Insurance. We also offer paid holidays (New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). After 1 year, enjoy a 1 week vacation.

How do I apply?

Give us a call Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm at 800-572-5489 and speak to our knowledgeable recruiter if you need an application mailed, e-mailed, or faxed. For a quicker way to join our family, feel free to go Apply Online.

Unfortunately, this has to be done on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. You cannot fill out an online application on your Smartphone. Once you have submitted your application, you can keep in close contact with the recruiter by using the number listed above for updates and progress. Processing time is normally 1-2 business days.


Once you have applied with the company and have been pre-approved to come onboard we will get you scheduled for orientation. The recruiter will work closely with you from the beginning. They will get you set up with a prepaid rental car which you will pack up with your supplies for the week, including a pair of pants and a pair of work boots, preferably steel toed since you will need them as part of your PPE gear anyhow. Don’t forget your bedding for your truck. You will have to supply your gas money for the rental but this will be paid back to you on Monday when you reach orientation. You will then drive to our home office in South Pittsburg TN. This is about 40 minutes west of Chattanooga TN. You will be set to check into your prepaid motel room Sunday night. This will be your home away from home until Thursday, the final day of orientation. Monday morning, you will report 10 minutes away to our Home office. Orientation begins at 8am sharp central time. Here you will turn in your gas receipts for reimbursement. The motel provides you with breakfast daily and we provide you with lunch and dinner. Your only expenses during our unpaid orientation will be your personal wants and needs. Transportation, reimbursed gas expenses, motel, and 3 meals a day are provided by Sunbelt and the motel. Orientation will consist of a pre-employment physical and drug screen, a hair follicle drug screen, New hire paperwork, Safety briefings, E-logs briefings, Sunbelts policies and procedures, and a road test. After completing the required Orientation process, you will be seated at one of our terminals. If you are a Trainee, you will be scheduled to meet up with your Trainer.

What type of equipment and communication systems do we have?

We are strictly a flatbed company. We have 45ft-53ft trailers from Benson to Utility, etc. Our fleet of trucks is made up from 2014 Peterbuilts and Internationals, 2007-2006 Freightliners, and 2005 Kenworths. All drivers start in a Freightliner and work their way up to the MILLION MILE CLUB of Peterbuilts and Internationals. All trucks are equipped with the supplies needed to do the job including Peoplenet systems, E-logs, onboard camera’s to exonerate the drivers during an accident, and headboards with v-boards, corner protectors, bungees, etc on them. Once you are assigned a truck, this is your truck to maintain, keep clean and free of clutter, you will not be slip seating with another driver. The only time you may need to sub out is if your truck requires shop attention that takes longer than a day.

Parking for the weekend or any home time?

You are responsible for your truck and trailer when parking for the weekend. You must have a safe, secure location and not live within 50 miles of one of our terminals. If you live within 50 miles of one of our terminals, you must park your truck and trailer at the terminal when going home. We have terminal locations in Jacksonville FL, Tampa FL, Smyrna GA, South Pitts TN, Wilmington NC, and Abilene TX.


You are paid weekly at Sunbelt Transport LLC. You can receive direct deposit or a paper check. Your pay will be decided by the recruiter once your flatbed experience has been verified. We do have per diem, meaning that you are not taxed for 37% of your wages. We offer a $100 per week advance that you have access to through your fuel card, this renews each Sunday. This does come back out of your check weekly so be careful! Interested in purchasing company shirts or need to get your TWIC badge? We can also payroll deduct these for as low as $10 a week.


Absolutely, we know that it’s nice to have your spouse along for the ride now and again. So we set up a program with specific guidelines…if you meet them after 6 months of driving with us, your spouse is free to ride along. Sorry no pets or other family members allowed.

Can I earn a decent living in FLATBED trucking?

Yes you can. Think of it like this, when the wheels on the truck are rolling you are making money. The more home time you need, the later your ETAs to the customer are the less money you will make. Get a jump start on your week, deliver early, don’t turn down freight and you can make a good living and still have quality home time. We have competitive pay, we offer a sign-on bonus, and we keep you rolling. Other ways to make money with us is to refer another driver. If they fill out an application and put your name on it, you will receive a monthly bonus for every mile that they drive. After they have been driving for 30 days you receive 1 penny per mile for every mile that they drive as a thank you from Sunbelt. Turn in a perfect roadside, $50 will be added to your paycheck. We also offer a Safety Performance bonus at the end of the year for drivers who qualify.