"Care, Commitment, Communication, Coordination, and Customer Service”, strive for the best and prepare for the worst. By keeping these 5 C’s in front of us at all times we will succeed and we continue to thrive.

Sunbelt Transport, Inc. was starting in 1992 to take advantage of a booming housing market and a very robust economy in the early 1990’s. Sunbelt enjoyed many years of success in the mid to late 90’s with a fairly stable driver market and strong building material industry growth during that same time frame. That success continued into the new millennium as the fleet grew to over 275 power units and owner operators by 2005. Continued growth was experienced through the housing market boom in 2006 and 2007 mainly due to the company’s ability to retain drivers in a tough environment.

Sunbelt specializes in regional freight throughout the southeast and with their dispatch philosophy of taking care of the driver and his needs first, they have built a very successful business model. They truly have built a culture of being driver friendly and are well known in the industry for getting their drivers home every weekend, without fail. In 2009 the company was sold to Cypress Truck Lines, Inc. and they have continued to operate as a separate company for the last five years. 22 years of success in the flatbed building materials business and Sunbelt’s success is still centered around their core belief and philosophy of taking care of the driver.

Values & Culture

Sunbelt has a culture of safety first. Everything we do is centered around being safe. In order to be successful and remain viable, we must achieve the highest level of safety, and that starts by hiring and training safe drivers.


In August of 2009, Sunbelt Transport, Inc. was purchased by Cypress Truck Lines, Inc. and a new partnership began. Two of the top flatbed companies in the United States became part of the same team, each complimenting the other in their area of operation and customer base. Over the last 5 years, both have enjoyed success in the marketplace with a strengthened customer base and driver workforce. This partnership began as Cypress seized on the opportunity to join with one of the premier flatbed companies in the southeast, with each company learning and growing with the help of the other. We look forward to many more years of success with this continuing partnership.